The Artists

Balgoyen, Ginny …    fabric - quilts, aprons, casserole cover
Bennett, Celeste …    author
Blanchard, Bill …    fine art
Brownell, Jamie …    jewelry
Burwick, Anne …    coats, jewelry
Carrigan, David …    fine art
David, Jeanette …    glassware - Dragon Eye
Davis, Barb …    author
Haney, Joe …    wood sculptor
Johnson, Rick …    photography
Joseph, Jeff …    fine art
Kallen, Sandy …    flower arrangements, refurbished boxes/pictures etc.
Keller, Jerry …    gourds
Lapp, Stephene …    alcohol ink art, resin cutting boards, rubber band characters

Manning, Nancy …    fabric - dish cloths
McNeilly, James …    photography

Petrouske, Rosalie …    author
Prinz, Ted …    wood sculptor

Rau, Rebecca - t-shirts, glassware
Reed, Sandy …    author/illustrator
Roesch, Sonny …    moccasins, dream catchers
Ryan, Annette …    fine art
Sanderson, Diane …    photography
Sawyer, Lanet …    fine art, cards

Schulte, Sara ...  string art
Shaffer, Robin …    jewelry (Steampunk)
Spry, Carol …    photography

Vargas, Martin ...   fine art
Vizard, David …    author
Waldrop, Shirley …    quilts
Webster, Cindi …    knitting/crocheting
Wolfe, Tam …    pottery
Wortley, Karen …    pottery
Zalewski, Ruth …    paper - cards, baskets, etc.

Are you interested in becoming an artist at Ledge Craft Lane?  If so, here's how it works: 


Our Jury Committee convenes every third Thursday of each month.  Interested artists must complete a Jury Form and return it to Ledge Craft Lane no later than one week prior to the jury date.  If you are unable to be present during the jury, please call the office to arrange a time to drop off your art/craft (your work can be juried without your presence).  The jury form can be accessed here and, once completed, either dropped off at or mailed to Ledge Craft Lane.  The address and phone number are listed below.

We are always looking for new creative, quality art.  We hope to meet you soon!

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

~  Joseph Chilton Pearce

VOLUNTEERS - We're always looking for individuals to help out at the store or with events.  Please contact us if you would be interested in helping us promote the arts!

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