What Are Alcohol Inks and Can I Learn How to Use Them?

What are alcohol inks anyway?

You may be asking this very question and hesitating to join an alcohol ink workshop because you don’t know what the heck it is. On top of that you might be wondering if you could really learn how to use it.

Let’s help you out. The following excerpts are from the Plaza Art Blog:

· Alcohol inks are fast-drying, highly pigmented, alcohol-based inks that are great to use on any hard, non-porous surface including glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, stone, leather and polymer clay.

· Because of the transparent properties, you can play around with layering the inks. Once the first layer dries, you can add on additional layers to create depth and overlapping colors.

· It’s all about experimentation with this unique medium. Once the ink is dropped on the surface, you can use air to blow the ink around. These inks are easily manipulated. There are so many different tools that can be used to create different textures in the ink such as a palette knife, a paint brush, a hair dryer, a felt pad applicator, blowing air through a straw to spread the ink, flicking paint off on a brush, or rolling a straw in the ink to create ripples.

· Alcohol ink is waterproof, adding to its durable properties.

You don’t have to worry about making a mistake because it’s all about experimentation. You’ll love the vivid colors and will be amazed at how they transform into beautiful, unique art.

Here’s your chance to give it a try.

Tina Martzke is holding one of her Alcohol Ink Workshops this coming Monday, October 14th from 9:30-noon at Ledge Craft Lane. She is very clever with this medium as you can see below:

The fee for this workshop is $30 and includes all the supplies you will need. Grab a friend or two and make it a party!

Give Tina a call right now at 517-627-2686. She’ll answer any questions you might have and can register you for the workshop.

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