Updated Historic Grand Ledge Map

It has taken awhile to organize but Ledge Craft Lane (LCL) has updated the Historic Grand Ledge map, which in the past has received wide distribution throughout the state - and will happen again!

We hope this map and the information it contains (history, festivals, attractions, businesses) will entice people near and far to check out our city, explore our parks, participate in our festivals and visit our businesses.

Thanks to all our advertisers, featured on the map, and to Julie Larson for getting all this information on one map!

Here's a quick peek!

You can get your very own map at LCL, other participating businesses, Grand Ledge City Hall and Grand Ledge Chamber of Commerce.

Pick up a few and pass them around or send them to your friends and family. Spread the word about our great town!


VOLUNTEERS - We're always looking for individuals to help out at the store or with events.  Please contact us if you would be interested in helping us promote the arts!

120 S. Bridge Street

Grand Ledge, MI  48837


(517) 627-9843

Hours:  WED - 10am - 6pm

              THU - 10am - 6pm

              FRI   - 12pm - 7pm

              SAT -  10am - 3pm

HOLIDAY HOURS (after Thanksgiving)

             The above-listed hours plus ...

              TUE  - 10am - 6pm

              SUN  - 1pm  - 4pm