Looking for a fun kids activity that's perfect for Spring?

We're going through a rough time right now and one of our challenges is keeping the kids occupied. Here's a kids activity that is creative and only requires a few simple supplies - DIY FLOWER SEED BOMBS!

I found this kids activity on littlethings.com. The author of the article explains:

"If you enjoy gardening — or if you’re trying to get into gardening — then you’ll appreciate anything that adds a little extra pizzazz to the process.

That’s why I was so thrilled when I came across flower seed bombs over on Natural Beach Living.

The blogger explains, “Gardening with children is such a joy; children love to make DIY seed bombs as well as plant them and watch them grow!” While there’s surely no doubt that little ones would love flower bombs, making them seems like the perfect activity for anyone who likes simple and adorable ways to liven up their flower-planting routine. They would also be a sweet little gift for friends or family who like to spend time outside digging in the dirt or who might have moved into a new home with a garden that could use a personal touch."

For the "recipe" and pictures of the process, go to https://www.littlethings.com/flower-seed-bombs.

Have fun! And please share photos of your flower seed bombs on our Facebook page under this post.

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