LCL Artist, Martin Vargas, Exhibits His Work at the Robin Theater

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

One of LCL’s artists, Martin Vargas, will be opening an exhibit of his work on Friday, December 6th between 6-9pm at the Robin Theater in REO Town.

Martin would love to see you there, but he understands if you have other plans (like the Night Lights Christmas Parade in downtown Grand Ledge)!

In that case, he wants you to know that on Saturday the 7th, there is a Holiday Pop-Up Market in REO Town from 10am until 5pm. Since the Robin Theater will be open all day, this is another time to see his Exhibit.

And finally, Martin says that his exhibit will be up through February. It can be seen any time the Theater is open for an event. The door opens a half an hour before show time. You can stop in to look without staying, although there may be some shows you’ll want to stay for and enjoy.

We hope the public will take advantage of this opportunity to see the unique art that Martin creates.

Have fun and all the best with your exhibit Martin!

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