Discover the Reasons for the CBD Craze

This CBD craze is really taking over the country. However, unlike a “craze” which is short-lived, this trend appears to be an actual emerging industry; in it for the long-term.

Yet, with its ever-growing popularity, there’s still a lot of misinformation or simple lack of knowledge about CBD.

That’s why we’d like you to join us on Sunday, September 15th from 2-3pm at Ledge Craft Lane for a CBD Wellness Workshop.

Brianna Garrett, Regional Distributor for Pure Naturals, will be hosting this workshop and answering any questions you may have about CBD. Learn about this unique product and why and how you can improve your well-being and quality of life.

Brianna Garrett with her CBD product line at LCL

Discover the salves and creams formulated for pain and anti-aging; the tinctures created for energy, stress and anxiety, and sleep; and the bath bombs for relaxation.

Pure Naturals, while cultivating its hemp (from which the CBD is derived) in Tennessee, has connections to the Lansing area. Brianna, interested in holistic healing for years, attended school in East Lansing with one of the Pure Natural founders, Adam Knapp.

After school, Adam moved to Colorado where he and co-founder Steve Medlock joined efforts to search for an alternative, holistic approach to wellness. “We saw first-hand the dangers of opioid abuse and wanted to provide an alternative, natural and holistic approach to today’s medicine,” said Steve.

As the company grew, Brianna became the Great Lakes Region Director, located in the Greater Lansing area. She wants to educate others on the benefits of CBD and how it can improve lives in a healthy way. Ledge Craft Lane carries the Pure Natural product line and Brianna plans to offer workshops on a regular basis.

At this workshop, Brianna will have sample products (honey-based, not oil-based) and prize giveaways. She’ll also be offering special package deals (e.g. tincture and topical).

Please give Brianna a call at (517) 930-7457 or email her at to register for this workshop or to ask any questions you might have.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 15th at Ledge Craft Lane, 120 S. Bridge Street, Grand Ledge.

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