Gary Lass

“Every house has wall decorations – pictures, plaques, clocks and a limitless variety of objects limited only by the imagination of the artists. 


Enter the lady of the house, placing items here and there, trying to make sense of everything, searching for the right balance and look – the home decorator.


But once in a while something comes along that doesn’t quite fit or look exactly right.  So, the search is on for a solution.”


This is how Gary Lass describes the situation in his home where he lives with his wife Bev.


There was the time Bev could not find the right location for a larger design piece had bought.  She and Gary discussed the problem and Gary came up with a solution.


Now, Gary enjoys working with wood.  In wandering the aisles of Menards and Lowe's, he discovered large selections of specialty woods that could be used for a variety of applications.  One of those products caught his eye and eventually became the base for his wood panels.


After playing around with the design and construction, he came up with his first panel.  He and Bev placed the large design piece on the “shelf” in the middle and enhanced the rest of the panel with other pieces.  It was a success!



Friends, relatives and others really liked the concept and Gary made several panels for them.  Thus, the beginning.


Gary uses a variety of wood to create each panel.  They are then ready to have “shelves” inserted where you want them.


Gary says each panel is not intended to be a stand-alone wall decoration but to provide a background and focus point to highlight and enhance your wall décor.  Uses include collections of all kinds – photos, trophies, mementos, seasonal/holiday themes …


The panels provide the background and YOU and your materials, whatever they may be, finish the project.

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